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Lumod GmbH, headquartered in Munich, specializes in strategic design. Our customer base includes large international corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups in the fields of capital goods, consumer products and medicine. Since 2006
Munich | Bavaria | Germany

Codex Industial DesignChallenges and Responsibility The ethical manifesto of industrial designers.
Guiding values for responsible design. Get the Codex here
January 2016
ISBN 978-3-89986-245-4

Publisher: VDID




Interdisciplinary workforce

Our constant will for positive change generates the energy that we translate into magical design that enchants and fascinates (fin: lumo(us) = magic, fascination | d = design). We deliver concepts for success in a surprisingly consistent way, using our tools & know-how to manage complex tasks and transform them into simple solutions.

Dedicated to solving challenges of today & tomorrow –
with passion, purpose & pragmatism.


We consider design a powerful instrument of brand management and development. The tangible product is the key communication carrier of your brand values. Thus we create tailor-made and coherent brand images through strategic design.

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Sustainability & Responsibility

As a design firm, we actively shape the future. Because industrial design plays a decisive role in the creation of sustainable products. By taking ecological, social and economic aspects into account from the outset in order to conserve resources and minimize environmental impact. We take concrete strategic measures to make our contribution to sustainability.

  • We are involved in the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) in the Sustainability project group.
  • The VDID Codex Industrial Design developed in this project group serves as a guideline for us with regard to sustainability and responsibility.
  • Even beyond that, we actively participate in events that deal with CO2 reduction, climate change and sustainability. This keeps us up to date so that we can incorporate experience and knowledge into our work.
  • We support our customers with improved contract conditions for projects that have a focus on CO2 reduction, sustainability, climate protection, recycling and waste avoidance.
  • We place great emphasis on raising our clients' awareness of sustainability in their branding processes and communication strategies. We want to create awareness and show them how they can make their own contribution to climate protection.
  • When designing physical products, we place particular emphasis on durability and reparability.
  • As part of our design services, we specifically inform our customers about climate-friendly processes, construction methods and materials.
  • We show them how they can make their products more environmentally friendly and support them in implementing sustainable solutions.
  • Our strategic orientation promotes a more sustainable consumer culture through aesthetic sustainability and a focus on the design of durable capital goods.


As a company, sustainability also has a firm place in our daily business.


  • Relocation of the company headquarters to the urban public transport area to enable climate-friendly travel for employees and customers
  • Purchase of company bicycles or pedelecs
  • E-bike charging facility on site
  • Purchase of electricity from 100% renewable energies
  • If possible, public transport must be used for business trips
  • No flights for business trips within Germany
  • No business trips if digital compensation is possible
  • Reduction of paper consumption through increased digital solutions for our processes
  • Consumables made from 100% recycled paper
  • When purchasing work equipment, the focus is on energy efficiency, durability and repairability
  • In the case of tools and equipment, we prefer to continue using them by repairing them rather than purchasing new ones, even if this is economically disadvantageous