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Design | Strategy

The Thinking:

Think holistically, make mistakes as soon as possible
– then hit the goal

The multisensory design process starts with the inclusion of all conditions such as industry trends, customer and user needs as well as the corporate strategy.
A detailed evaluation of the task is carried out with the involvement of all participants. The results are constantly questioned, disproved and, if necessary, redefined during the entire development process.

The agility of today is the success of tomorrow

The aim of design thinking is to constantly expand know-how and dynamically incorporate it into the process and the definition of objectives - the results are surprisingly consistent products with enormous innovative power which explain themselves and are understood at first glance.


The Doing:

The user points the way

Designing things that are also needed is the safest way to success.
Creative power is the empathy to create experiences with products that the user desires - this is how values are created.
Our tools enable us to visualize ideas at an early stage in an iterative approach and to test them prototypically. This creates a broad discussion forum and allows special disciplines to be involved at an early in the process.
Using perception patterns, we translate visual stimulation into specific actions and experiences. We are experts in the field of perception and thus can use this knowledge to inscribe defined characteristics into the aesthetics of a product or service. In this way well-designed products explain themselves, avoid misuse or frustration and create an emotional bond.

Bring the theory into the real thing

We have a strong expertise in product the development of products, complete systems up to the impressive brand appearance.

The aesthetics of a product only pays off if it can be manufactured cost-efficiently and in series. Our development projects require a substantial degree of in-depth manufacturing and experience. We offer our clients a wide range of development and implementation know-how and see shape and function as mutually depending elements - this is the only way to achieve sustainable added value.

With our local partners, we have direct access to the latest rapid prototyping technologies, a state-of-the-art milling center, motorsport proven carbon-fiber processing and a worldwide unique competence in creating prototypes and mock-ups.

„On our campus we can create & build an entire car and bring it on the street, including a complete brand strategy“


The Experience:

A brand is a story

A good brand needs to tell its own story. It conveys its core message subtly and emotionally.

That's why we are storytellers. Everyone knows: pictures tell more than a thousand words. And a tangible product that can be touched, smelt and used tells much more.

With our core competence in Perceptual Psychology and its practical implementation, we design brand products for our customers. These act as a tangible and experienceable carrier of brand values. The emotional bond to the product creates the bond to the brand - and the other way around. Therefore, we always see product and brand as an inseparable unit and take care of the entire spectrum of the brand appearance.

Starting with the product as the most important communication vehicle of the brand values, we create a perfectly fitting and coherent brand image.

A brand is continuity

A well-managed brand has a strong core of continuity and security. This creates trust - one of the most important criteria of successful sales.
We consult and execution for the stringency and continuity of the brand appearance as well as the products that speak for the brand.

Through our strategic approach, which uses tactical methods effectively, we create exactly that: trust.

But be careful! Continuity and coherence must not lead to boredom and monotony. The history of the brand must be continued.

A brand is agile

The potential of a brand resides in change. We develop strategies for our clients that not only allow the brand to react to change, but also create the change and perform it.

How does this work? Through constant observation of the market, the trends, the environment and much more. As we are operating in different industries and involve an extensive network of specialists in our work. And above all through intuition and empathy - we see changes before they happen.

Our creative resources together with this knowledge give us the opportunity to lead a brand to success.



Success built on Cooperation
Experience the Genius CAB at bauma 2016

Together with 10 OEM suppliers of the construction vehicle industry, we have created an innovation platform with the Cab Concept Cluster brand that makes it possible to develop independent future concepts. The Genius Cab is a real vision of a wheel loader cab.

The Genius CAB shows in an outstanding way how industrial design can act as an innovation driver when it is used as a multisensory development process that aims to achieve maximum overall performance through the guidance and motivation of all participants.

In this project, we designed the brand, the product and the means of communication for the marketing measures as a unit - to be seen at bauma 2016 and beyond.




RAY wins the IF Design Award 2016

Also this year we are happy about an award for good design performance.
RAY- the parking robot from serva transport systems wins the popular IF Design Award.



DEsigned in Bavaria, Lumod at the MCBW

For the first time at Munich Creative Business Week 2016, Bavarian designers from the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) and the bayern design forum e. V. presented their work in a joint exhibition. In the inspiring ambience of the location partner Design Offices Munich, around 150 visitors got to know the diversity of Bavarian design and dealt with the design industry. From fine packaging and communication design to machines for large-scale industry, current projects and works were presented and explained at the DEsigned in Bavaria.
A special highlight was the world premiere of the autonomous logistics vehicle EVE from Lumod. The short presentations by the designers also aroused great interest: In just six minutes, the individual approaches were concisely presented to the audience. At the get-together that followed, both spectators and participants had the opportunity to discuss topics in greater depth and make new contacts. The feedback from the participants was unanimous: Keep it up!

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