The Next Generation's Purpose

HANSA, a family-owned manufacturer of municipal vehicles, has transitioned into a new era of ownership. After over 20 years and numerous updates, the previous product, cherished by users and clients alike, was no longer profitable yet competitive. Additionally, it did not meet the heightened standards for sustainability.

We aimed to symbolise a new chapter. This necessitates a novel agile product concept that allows HANSA to enhance their prospects and adapt more readily to evolving requirements. However, it should also grant the liberty to evolve based on the opportunities at hand.

The 3W+ Win-Win Concept

The modular 3W+ design concept of the cabin allows more product variety, with lower costs, more efficient assembly, durability, reparability and long product lifetimes. Plus the relative ease of remanufacturing for the secondary and tertiary markets are assets of the HANSA brand, as resale is part of their business model. Easy maintenance and the need of less variety of spare parts saves costs for customer and OEM.

Form, Function & Emotion

The steel frame construction is partially visible and describes an iconographic bracket situation in the side. Technically it can carry various attatchments and stlye-wise it guides the eye over the essential features of the cab and visually integrates the engine volume in the rear.

Overall, the aim is to express performance and versatility in an emotional way and to show the interchangeability of parts through segmentation. The vibrant new “brand face” is emotionally appealing, creates a strong recognition value and offers high brand performance.

Highest Usability & Durability

A great user experience is key, while the business objectives are a must, too. User-oriented and business-driven, we created the comfort cabin equipped with a panoramic windscreen, generous access from both sides, fully adjustable steering column and many more usability features in a modular approach. The multifunction armrest is attached to the seat for best ergonomics.

The clearly structured control panel with ergonomic and easy-to-grip operating instruments and without fiddly digital touch controls offers the user the highest possible level of handling comfort. Details such as cup holders and phone station complete the user-centred ­interior. The spacious cab creates an extremely cosy atmosphere and offers best visibility.

Attention to Detail

Many great thought-out detail solutions make this machine outstanding. So have we placed the windshield wipers vertically on the A-pillars, where they are neatly hidden and out of sight.

We have designed fenders that can be adjusted in width - depending on the tire width. The characteristic roof bar serves as a mounting carrier for beacon lights, warning signs, work lights and so on.















In the front area, the special designed bracket combines hinge, mirror holder and headlights in one unit. The unique lighting graphics and the company logo inserted on the side are further examples of countless details that give the vehicle its individuality and character.

Form and functionality interact with each other in order to create the best possible solution for user satisfaction and delight as well as for business value on all levels – from production and assembly, over cost of ownership up to ease of remanufacturing for the secondary and tertiary markets.

"The design is very well received and we are fully booked. Also our employees are highly satisfied with the new concept."

Andreas Hermansdorfer, Branch Manager HANSA








"A Swiss Army Knife on Wheels”

The new HANSA series provides the right tool for all tasks through all seasons. It delivers best usability, reparability, and an outstanding product service life. It is designed robust and easy-to-operate with a maximum application profile, high product quality, and a comfortable workplace.

With our holistic approach on industrial design we not only enhance operational success but also boost brand image and performance. With a product that performs on all above mentioned levels you foster customer loyalty and trust – leading to business value and profit.

Success Stories

Our goal in every project, with each client is to scceed. We put all our passion, skills and tools on the table to achieve it together with you. From laying the strategic groundwork to executing the final implementation.


We know the challenges and hurdles that have to be overcome to reach success. We never give up and stand by your side throughout the journey until the job is done.